Everyone is quite familiar with gold jewelry. Among many of the gold jewelry items, gold rings are the most fascinating jewelry. Today, gold rings are being used for many occasions like engagement, wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and also for casual wears. Gold rings are not just the symbol of token of love but also
the commitment and promise of two persons to share each and every moments of life together. So, a gold ring plays a very important role in one’s life.

Regarding the quality of gold rings, you can find various forms of gold rings in the market. Among them 10k gold ring is the most durable and cheapest ring you can get. K or karat is the density of gold in the band. 10k gold is the lowest legal limit for a metal alloy which contains 41.7% of gold and 58.3% of other elements. The scratches in 10k gold can be removed with some simple steps. The necessary things for removing scratches from your 10k gold are bowl, toothbrush, soap, and jewelry polishing cloths, soft cloth and jewelry pouch. Take a look at the following steps which will help you to know the process.

1. In the small bowl containing warm water, place dish soap or some drops of mild hand.

2. Start rubbing the ring gently with soft-bristled toothbrush which has been submerged in the soapy water.

3. After that clean the ring with the plain water.

4. Then start polishing the ring with jewelry polishing cloth. This will surely help to remove the scratches and bring a beautiful shine on the gold ring.

5. Enfold your gold ring in a soft piece of cloth or keep it in a jewelry pouch. It will help to make sure that your 10k gold ring is not scratched while being stored.